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Fee Structure

$7995(plus Textbook $300)

40% down payment, then $1,000/month until paid off


Students are responsible for purchasing their own kit, which contains everything they need to start basic training.

Veteran's discount available.


Additional costs and explanations

  • Students pay the fee to take the MBLEx, which has the current fee of $265. (with one state result sending, additional state result send charges $40 or multiple $40).

  • CPR & First Aid/ HIV classes cost extra about $100. The certificates would be obtained online.

  • The paid $297 registration fee when enrolling in the program is not refundable.

  • The massage table of $300

  • Students may need extra materials, transportations, and meals at their own cost.

  • Students must take the state Jurisprudence Exam without charge, completing 16 jurisprudence questions with 100% understanding.

  • Other unmentioned costs such as replacement of tools, required uniforms, supplies outside of the instruction program.

  • All costs must be paid in full before the student graduates and receive their diploma.

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